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IGDC 2018 - Scrapped "To My Home" - Started two new projects

We went to hyderabad to take part in India Game Developers Conference 2018 happened at Hyderabad International Convention Centre. All of our team members participated in the iconic event for game developers in the country.

I took part in Kaka's clay workshop and got some tips on making characters using clay and little bit about stop motion animation technique. Have mad few characters like tank, pizza and burger using clay [Picture in the right side]. 

My team members attended various workshops and talks delivered by various developers from different parts of the country and the world. It was quite useful for them and myself.  I did not nominate our game Quest of Vidhuraa in any awards category. I missed the deadline due to some personal situations. We felt bad about that. Next year we will nominate our games.

We have stopped the development of "To My Home" [infinite 2D runner game that was in production earlier] and it might not get released in the future. We have put lot of effort in making that game and still we are not happy with result. So, with tough heart we have stopped the production of "To My Home".

Good news is we have started two new projects. One is of top down shooter [mulitplayer] and another one is stealth game. Top Down shooter game yet to be named. We have givent "Tenth Floor" as name for the stealth game. Soon will reveal more updates on these two games.

Bonus news: 88 Card game will re-developed with online multiplayer support before next year.

Our Team Picture during IGDC 2018:


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