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Yes! We are going to share our stories with you

We were planning to have our official blog for a long time. Finally We have it today! Heyy! Heyy!

Quick Introduction about me: I am Senthil Kumar. I started this indie studio in March 2015. Why I have started game studio is a small story. My personal blog entry will answer this question probably. Check it out here : Why a Game Studio I am passionate about computer games from my school/college days. I have started game programming from my school days. I worked for private company for few years as .net developer . During my days as .net developer, I was not much into game development. From the year 2015 onwards, I started again my explorations in game development not just as one more fun activity but also attached a commercial sense to it. That's how FirstSeed came to existence.

I have a small team working with me currently. They are Akila, Sekar and Muthu. They all share same title as "Game Developer" :-)

We have plans to write every week. Will see how it unfolds with our schedule.
That's our story for now. will share much about us in the coming weeks.

My Team:

Will meet you later! :-)